Contractor-Friendly Renovation Financing

As a contractor, you’d love to increase your business by doing more renovations but your experience with lending companies is often a nightmare.

If you’re fed up with the way renovation loans work, I can help. At Movement Mortgage, we have operations teams focused on providing excellent renovation loan service by taking care of you and your homebuyers.

With Movement, you can expect:

  • Renovation loan support that will help you increase business
  • A draw process that makes sense for your timeline
  • Reasonable paperwork that won’t drown you or discourage you from the deal
  • Customer service that is easily accessible and provides answers along the way
  • An experienced loan officer to ensure an excellent transaction for you and the buyer

Movement Knows Builder Loans

We understand that In today’s market, success and growth depend on having strong relationships.

Our commitment to our builder professionals includes:

  • The Movement Mortgage National Builder Division includes industry-leading professionals with
    dedicated builder loan fulfillment teams
  • Knowledgeable new construction property appraisal professionals available
  • We provide quality loan products to fit qualified buyers’ needs
  • We’ll eliminate questions by constantly updating you and the homebuyer on their loan
  • We’II present you with educational materials and information to better inform you and help your buyers
  • We’re committed to condo project review; condo expanded services and non-warrantable condo programs

Tools and Resources

  • Local new construction mortgage professionals
  • Quick approvals to those that qualify with our 6-7-1 process*, which aims for quick closings with little surprises
  • 6-month, 9-month and 12-month extended rate lock options available for conforming, high balance; FHA and VA loans

What we do for our builder professionals:

Extended Rate Locks

Depending on the loan program, borrowers’ interest rates can be locked for 6, 9 or 12 months during building. Both the borrower and builder are reassured knowing they’re protected in a rising rate environment.

Condo Project Approval Services

Movement is here to ease the approval process by reviewing all documents and keeping all processes in place. We promote VA, Conventional and FHA approvals.

Pipeline Reporting

We want to make sure your pipeline is manageable, so we keep track of your loan’s process, its approval and its closing.

New Construction Qualified Appraisers

We work hand-in-hand with qualified appraisers who know new construction projects and the details involved.

Pool Escrow Program

You may qualify to buy a home with the installation of a pool through one loan and closing with FNMA Homestyle.

Strategic Programs

Program options include bond, employee assisted housing and city down payment assistance programs. VA and FHA may have lower FICO score products available.

Regional Builder Manager Support

We offer consultations on new home mortgage products, project approvals, loan communication and sales and marketing trends.

Build Your Business with the Help of a Leader in Lending

You’ve developed and grown your new construction company like a true leader. Still, you have a vision for more.

Too often, however, your success is hindered by loan approval issues, slow processing, problems at closing and poor communication from loan officers. In order to continue expanding your business and reach your true potential as an owner, you need a better way to get homebuyers approved for financing and their loans closed without hassle.

You need the cooperation of a Home Mortgage Lender known for

Movement Mortgage’s Builder Division understands this, and has a fine-tuned, proven method to set you up for next-level growth. Let’s explore how our companies can work together to provide your business with the exceptional home financing process and financial security you’d love to have.

*While it is Movement Mortgage’s goal to provide underwriting results within six hours of receiving an application, process loans in seven days, and close in one day, extenuating circumstances may cause delays outside of this window.

Builder Division Powered by Movement

Building Blocks of New Construction Lending

Underwritten Pre-Approval

We skip the guessing game and send every loan application directly to an underwriter. Our underwriters work toward a 6-hour deadline to produce a fully underwritten pre-approval for qualified borrowers.

Closings Under Control

Our builder loan process was designed specifically for builders with the goal of having every loan in closing as early as two weeks before scheduled closing.

Builder-Specific Operations

We put building-experienced underwriters and processors together to create builder-specific teams that know how to process loans according to the distinct timelines and requirements of new construction.

Growing Together

Our vision is to be the nation’s top purchase lender by 2025, funding one in every 10 home loans. We’re a company that can grow with you.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Movement Mortgage to help secure a home for a client. As a general contracting company, we appreciate the quick turnaround on draw requests and response time from Movement. Lifestyle Home Buyers and General Contracting highly recommends Movement Mortgage!”

Bruce & Delise, Builder/Owners of Lifestyle Home
Buyers and General Contracting

Making a Difference.

For years, my husband and I debated whether we would remodel our home or move. Our desire was to remodel, but we just didn't know where to begin. One of the biggest deterrents was the financing. We had no idea how to finance such a large project and weren't educated on the options available to us. But when we found Theresa Springer, it was like finding the key to building our dream home. Theresa clearly explained all of our options and walked us through every step of the project. Even when we were well on our way, she was available for questions and checked-in on a regular basis to make sure everything was running smoothly. Theresa was genuinely interested in and dedicated to our project and took pride in following it through to the end. Without Theresa's guidance and commitment, we may have sold our house and missed out on the beautiful home it is today. Thanks a million Theresa!

-- Amy & Paul W.

Theresa and her team got it done when others couldn't!

-- Chandler W. & Teresa R.

Theresa runs a tight ship that makes crossing the shallows safe and comfortable.

-- Kenneth T.

As first time buyers it was a very smooth experience. We were absolutely very satisfied!

-- Joshua & Leslie S.

The whole process and customer service from Theresa and team was excellent. The title company delayed the funds and recording... This resulted in a 3 hour delay to get keys and move in. However, Theresa and team along with my realtor stepped in to get them to record... I am very happy with their efforts and contributions toward the closing of my transaction... Thanks much!!

-- Joseph S.

I appreciated that you were always available to answer all my questions. Thank you for everything!

-- Cataline V.

Theresa sat down with us and helped us clean up our credit, showed us what we couldn't see, and over the course of a year we were able to purchase our first home. Not only was she helpful up front, but Theresa made the entire process painless. Her help and personal attention was priceless. Just recently, when rates were dropping Theresa contacted us and helped us through a refinance. Thanks for helping us with everything! Theresa will be hearing from us soon on our next home purchase!

-- Corey & Bob

Theresa was easy to work with, knowledgeable and instilled confidence through every step of the process. Movement Mortgage would do well to model all new hires after her!

-- Anna M.

We had gone through the mortgage process roughly a year and a half ago, but were unsatisfied with the service the USAA provided us. They threw an unexpected curveball at us very late in the process that had us giving them another $25,000 to close on our home. Due to falling interest rates, as well as a desire to get that cash out to do some home improvements, we were interested in refinancing our home. Theresa knew how to walk my wife and I through the process -- we were completely blown away by how professional and knowledgeable she was. I am referring as many people to Theresa in the course of my business as possible. You probably get these kinds of e-mails all the time, but I thought I would let you know of how satisfied my wife and I were with Theresa.

-- Mark L

In working with Theresa, I've had the opportunity to interview several of her clients and see her work up close. Plain and simply, she's phenomenal at what she does. She has a real understanding of both construction and residential lending and goes way beyond what many financial institutions will do to help you secure not just a loan, but a loan package that you can live with and that fits your unique needs. I highly recommend giving Theresa a call if you're looking to build a property, or buy or refinance a home.

-- Drew Z., LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing

Theresa is a master at the craft of perfect loan construction! She knows how to get exactly what you want within the realm of feasibility, and can make it happen. She is also very responsive and can explain everything!

-- Kristopher K.

Theresa guided us through the home loan process, and assisted us every step of the way. She is the ultimate professional with experience and a personable, caring attitude. Her knowledge and diligence made all the difference, and she kept us informed every step of the way! We felt very fortunate to have her expertise, and any home buyer would be lucky to have her on their team. Theresa went the extra mile to guide us through the requirements and options, and her whole team was very knowledgeable and responsive. Thanks for making this possible for us, we love our new home!

-- Ellen and Ross H.

It was not clear at the onset whether it would be financially possible for us purchase our home. However, with Theresa's creative and persistent approach, we were able to secure a loan and purchase our new house. Theresa and her staff were always cordial and seemed to share our enthusiasm about our new house, and were always available for questions and promptly returned our calls or emails (even on weekends). I highly recommend Theresa and Movement Mortgage for anyone looking for a home mortgage!

-- Mark L

Thanks, Theresa, for making the mortgage process so easy! You made it possible for me to get my dream home, so thanks to you and your team from the bottom of my heart.

-- May A.

Theresa sat down with us and helped us clean up our credit, showed us what we couldn't see, and over the course of a year we were able to purchase our first home. Not only was she helpful up front, but Theresa made the entire process painless. Her help and personal attention was priceless. Just recently, when rates were dropping Theresa contacted us and helped us through a refinance. Thanks for helping us with everything! Theresa will be hearing from us soon on our next home purchase!

-- Cory & Bob

Theresa Springer and Suzy Major were amazing to work with! Professional, friendly, patient - and amazingly fast. Thank you so much for helping with my 'unique' situation and closing so fast! Highly recommend!

-- Debra C.

We just can't say enough about Theresa's professionalism and perseverance. She has been a delight to work with from start to finish and we wholeheartedly recommend her!

-- Jim A., Arney Construction, Inc.

I was beginning to lose hope on this loan project until Theresa became involved. More importantly, I knew my client was in good hands with her! Thank you Theresa!

-- Sherrie K., Attorney

Theresa is my 'go-to' person when I have questions regarding anything that has to do with the economy... let alone the mortgage business. Her style of communication is direct and easy to understand... which makes her easy to work with. Do yourself a favor and find a reason to work with Theresa... you will be better for it!

-- Mike F., Marketing Director

Theresa Springer was the reason I had a great experience. I had already contacted and started working with another lender, and when I voiced my concern to my realtor, she recommended Theresa and Movement Mortgage. Theresa would actually call and talk to me, which was very important to me personally. Having a conversation with someone "in person" was exactly what made this process easier. This is a big deal buying a home, and I wanted to talk to my lender!!!

-- Molly S.

Theresa's knowledge of residential lending is outstanding, especially as regards the remodeling and building industry. Couple that with her warm and endearing demeanor and you have a professional loan officer that serves your best interest in the most pleasant way possible. We regularly recommend her and will utilize her services the next time we need financing help.

-- Mitch and Arlene S., Stanley Home Renovation & Design, Inc.

Theresa is awesome. Very kind, helpful and answered all of my questions. She made the stressfulness of buying my first home easy. Very thankful!

-- Donn K.

Theresa was great, and always answered my questions and went above and beyond. She even helped me with issues that came up from my seller and put them at ease. Always willing to talk and always in a good mood!

-- Adam I.

We went through a very challenging purchase where, after accepting our offer, the seller couldn't produce clear title. Theresa's extraordinary knowledge was our greatest advocate - she'd even advised the title company as to what steps needed to be taken. In the end, we walked from that purchase, but Theresa stood by us through it until we eventually found the beautiful home we did ultimately purchase. She's an incredible professional and we can't recommend her strongly enough!

-- Drew & Linda Z.

Theresa is awesome! She told us what to do to improve our credit score, locked our rates, and told us exactly how the mortgage process was going to go and it went just as she explained. She's an expert who cares about her clients!

-- Patrick S.

Theresa is amazing! They say that knowledge is power... and she certainly has command of the knowledge required to excel at her business. What is truly impressive is her ability to put that knowledge to work for her clients and associates. Her style of communication is direct and easy to understand...which makes her easy to work with. Do yourself a favor and find a reason to work with Theresa... you will be better for it!

-- Mike F.

We've worked with Theresa for years on a mortgage, re-fi and now an equity line of credit to cover some unexpected remodeling due to some water damage. As usual, she's super knowledgeable, easy to work with, very communicative and just gets things done - complete stress buster in terms of getting as loan. If you need a home loan of any type, Theresa's the ONLY call you should make and you're making a huge mistake if you don't! She rocks!

-- Drew & Linda Z.

“We would like to attest to the professional services we received from Theresa Springer. She was able to obtain an home loan on our extremely complicated real estate transaction. Additionally, we were under a time constraint due to the numerous loan rules that challenge borrowers today. Theresa was able to work with us in a knowledgeable, efficient and detailed fashion. She was always responsive to our questions and needs, even after hours and on the weekends. We fully recommend Theresa to anyone seeking to obtain a mortgage.”

-- Ken and Kiri T.

Theresa is a breath of fresh air in this world of diminished expectations! Sharp, punctual, knowledgeable and a very pleasant person. I conducted this loan process while on a trip to Hong Kong. The ease of transferring documents, signing, etc., was VERY COOL... even from Hong Kong! Thank You!

-- Gerald B.

Theresa was genuinely interested in and dedicated to our project and took pride in following it through to the end. Without Theresa's guidance and commitment, we may have sold our house and missed out on the beautiful home it is today. Thanks a million Theresa!

-- Amy & Paul W.

Theresa was fantastic during the entire process. Application to closing was during Covid-19, so many of our interactions were virtual, but it was a very easy and streamlined process. I'm very happy with my experience.

-- Jessica R.

We were first time home buyers with a small budget, a baby bouncing on our knee & not a lot in our savings. Theresa helped us get a bond through the state finance commission and an FHA Loan. We are now proud homeowners! We were treated so respectfully - she explained the escrow process and what all the numbers, laws and facts meant. Most of the documents could be signed electronically which is extremely convenient for busy working parents. We were well informed during each step of the process! My husband and I sing the praises of Theresa Springer and our real estate agent Michele Duckett!

-- Beth M.

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