Cataline V.

I appreciated that you were always available to answer all my questions. Thank you for everything!

Drew & Linda Z.

We’ve worked with Theresa for years on a mortgage, re-fi and now an equity line of credit to cover some unexpected remodeling due to some water damage. As usual, she’s super knowledgeable, easy to work with, very communicative and just gets things done – complete stress buster in terms of getting as loan. If you need a home loan of any type, Theresa’s the ONLY call you should make and you’re making a huge mistake if you don’t! She rocks!

John F.

It was not clear at the onset whether it would be financially possible for us purchase our home. However, with Theresa’s creative and persistent approach, we were able to secure a loan and purchase our new house. Theresa and her staff were always cordial and seemed to share our enthusiasm about our new house, and were always available for questions and promptly returned our calls or emails (even on weekends). I highly recommend Theresa and Movement Mortgage for anyone looking for a home mortgage!

Cory & Bob

Theresa sat down with us and helped us clean up our credit, showed us what we couldn’t see, and over the course of a year we were able to purchase our first home. Not only was she helpful up front, but Theresa made the entire process painless. Her help and personal attention was priceless. Just recently, when rates were dropping Theresa contacted us and helped us through a refinance. Thanks for helping us with everything! Theresa will be hearing from us soon on our next home purchase!

Mike F.

Theresa is amazing! They say that knowledge is power… and she certainly has command of the knowledge required to excel at her business. What is truly impressive is her ability to put that knowledge to work for her clients and associates. Her style of communication is direct and easy to understand…which makes her easy to work with. Do yourself a favor and find a reason to work with Theresa… you will be better for it!

Mike F., Marketing Director

Theresa is my ‘go-to’ person when I have questions regarding anything that has to do with the economy… let alone the mortgage business. Her style of communication is direct and easy to understand… which makes her easy to work with. Do yourself a favor and find a reason to work with Theresa… you will be better for it!

Drew Z., LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing

In working with Theresa, I’ve had the opportunity to interview several of her clients and see her work up close. Plain and simply, she’s phenomenal at what she does. She has a real understanding of both construction and residential lending and goes way beyond what many financial institutions will do to help you secure not just a loan, but a loan package that you can live with and that fits your unique needs. I highly recommend giving Theresa a call if you’re looking to build a property, or buy or refinance a home.

Mitch and Arlene S., Stanley Home Renovation & Design, Inc.

Theresa’s knowledge of residential lending is outstanding, especially as regards the remodeling and building industry. Couple that with her warm and endearing demeanor and you have a professional loan officer that serves your best interest in the most pleasant way possible. We regularly recommend her and will utilize her services the next time we need financing help.

Sherrie K., Attorney

I was beginning to lose hope on this loan project until Theresa became involved. More importantly, I knew my client was in good hands with her! Thank you Theresa!

Jim A., Arney Construction, Inc.

We just can’t say enough about Theresa’s professionalism and perseverance. She has been a delight to work with from start to finish and we wholeheartedly recommend her!