Kristopher K.

Theresa is a master at the craft of perfect loan construction! She knows how to get exactly what you want within the realm of feasibility, and can make it happen. She is also very responsive and can explain everything!

Molly S.

Theresa Springer was the reason I had a great experience. I had already contacted and started working with another lender, and when I voiced my concern to my realtor, she recommended Theresa and Movement Mortgage. Theresa would actually call and talk to me, which was very important to me personally. Having a conversation with someone “in person” was exactly what made this process easier. This is a big deal buying a home, and I wanted to talk to my lender!!!

Joseph S.

The whole process and customer service from Theresa and team was excellent. The title company delayed the funds and recording… This resulted in a 3 hour delay to get keys and move in. However, Theresa and team along with my realtor stepped in to get them to record… I am very happy with their efforts and contributions toward the closing of my transaction… Thanks much!!

Donn K.

Theresa is awesome. Very kind, helpful and answered all of my questions. She made the stressfulness of buying my first home easy. Very thankful!

May A.

Thanks, Theresa, for making the mortgage process so easy! You made it possible for me to get my dream home, so thanks to you and your team from the bottom of my heart.

Kenneth T.

Theresa runs a tight ship that makes crossing the shallows safe and comfortable.

Jessica R.

Theresa was fantastic during the entire process. Application to closing was during Covid-19, so many of our interactions were virtual, but it was a very easy and streamlined process. I’m very happy with my experience.

Gerald B.

Theresa is a breath of fresh air in this world of diminished expectations! Sharp, punctual, knowledgeable and a very pleasant person. I conducted this loan process while on a trip to Hong Kong. The ease of transferring documents, signing, etc., was VERY COOL… even from Hong Kong! Thank You!

Anna M.

Theresa was easy to work with, knowledgeable and instilled confidence through every step of the process. Movement Mortgage would do well to model all new hires after her!

Adam I.

Theresa was great, and always answered my questions and went above and beyond. She even helped me with issues that came up from my seller and put them at ease. Always willing to talk and always in a good mood!