Normally, this blog provides you with a consolidated view into all things home related. On a daily basis, there’s usually something interesting to report. But sometimes, the news itself is the news. If you google “mortgage” and click on the news tab, then in today’s top stories you’ll see that “mortgage rates slipped lower last week” and “mortgage applications plunge on higher rates”. It’s exactly this kind of conflicting news that can drive someone mad. In times like this, the extreme fluctuations in reporting remind one that mortgages are a market, not unlike the stock market. And just like the stock market, trying to time things can be a mistake. Sure, if you wait for the next Fed announcement, whether you’re a buyer or a seller, things might improve. But they also might go the other way. If you guess right, you’ll certainly congratulate yourself. But if you guess wrong, how much worse is that going to be?