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Unemployment Rate Holds Steady

The unemployment rate held steady at 5.1% in September, but only because we hit a 38-year low in terms of the total number of people who are either employed or looking for employment (i.e., people not looking for jobs don’t count towards unemployment). That’s not good news for America as a whole — but it’s ... MORE

The Employment Report’s Plans for Your Mortgage Payment

A strong Employment Report, a real increase in hourly wages, and a low unemployment rate often collude to drive interest rates in a direction unfriendly to homebuyers or those with ARMs. The  jobs report can have an immediate impact on your monthly mortgage payment. Financial markets prognosticators argue that economic forecasts are already “priced-in” to ... MORE

Job Growth Continues To Increase

According to the Department of Labor, hiring in the United States has continued to grow while unemployment rates decrease. In August, the economy added 169,000 jobs, up from 104,000 created jobs in July, and the unemployment rate decreased to 7.3%. Although rates seem positive, economists say that job growth is not rebounding at an extreme ... MORE

Consumer Sentiment Grows

A new survey showed that consumer sentiment has shown great improvement over the last few months ending June with a high near 82.7. Richard Curtin, the surveys director indicated that the increase in mortgage rates and fall in stock prices have not negatively changed consumer opinion about the economy. “To be sure, few high or ... MORE

Unemployment Rate Drops To 7.7%

New job growth is speeding up in the U.S. This is particularly good news for the recovering housing market. 236,000 net jobs were created in February according to the Labor Department. The nation’s unemployment rate has dropped to its lowest level since 2009, averaging at 7.7%. Job growth has slowly inched up this year with an ... MORE

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