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Don’t Lie on Your Mortgage Application

Surely, for most Americans, the idea of lying on any official form, let alone something as significant as a mortgage application, would be nearly unthinkable. It probably wouldn’t even cross your mind. But, as this article from South Florida indicates, it happens more frequently than one might think. If the thought does ever cross your mind, discard ... MORE

Boom! Goes The Housing Market

While almost all data have pointed to a good 2016 in terms of the housing market, few sources are indicating that anything outrageous is going to happen. However, Brian O’Connell has written a rather extensive piece for The Street. He makes some predictions with which we at least marginally disagree, primarily around long-term mortgage interest rates; however, ... MORE

Condos Growing 2.5x As Fast As Houses

From the 2009 bottom of the market, single-family housing starts are up slightly more than 100%. Multi-unit buildings, on the other hand, are up a whopping 466%. Although those numbers feel out of whack at first glance, it likely makes sense in this post recovery period. In 2005, home ownership had grown to over 69%, ... MORE

How Often Should You Make Your Mortgage Payment?

If you’ve done any research into home ownership, then you’ve undoubtedly run across the various ways that making your mortgage payment differently can impact your lifetime cost (in terms of interest), and how long it takes to pay down your mortgage. Typical schemes include making one extra payment per year, or dividing your payment in ... MORE

The Employment Report’s Plans for Your Mortgage Payment

A strong Employment Report, a real increase in hourly wages, and a low unemployment rate often collude to drive interest rates in a direction unfriendly to homebuyers or those with ARMs. The  jobs report can have an immediate impact on your monthly mortgage payment. Financial markets prognosticators argue that economic forecasts are already “priced-in” to ... MORE

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