In last week’s article I talked about whether the threat of extinction of real estate agents as such is imminent or not. My final answer was no, but it was conditioned by several things, such as keeping up with the modern seller and buyer mindset. And for that, the first steps will inevitably lead us to social media.

The real estate business is a people business. It’s all about networking, making valuable connections and delivering the right messages to the right people at the right times.

With the correct approach, a well-maintained social media profile can become a powerful tool for generating new leads and keeping up with the current ones. Once you get the grip of how to leverage the power and outreach of social media to your business’ advantage, the results will start showing. And I am sure you’d be surprised by them!

Get Ready to Go Social

Is it worth the effort?

I know, I know. Setting up and managing social media accounts regularly eats up a noticeable portion of your workday. Why invest time into doing something online that I can just as effectively and more personally do offline?

Well, actually, you really should. The coverage and engagement possibilities ensure that you can get just as personal on Facebook as you would get in person, but with ten times the impact. The chain reaction of exposure that social media can offer is much bigger than any other marketing method. People will get to know you via word of mouth, except that their satisfied tweet or status update with your name in it will be exposed to hundreds of their friends.

We’re still at that point in time when it’s not hard to outplay your competitors. All you need to do is to maintain  regular communication, keep your posts local and relevant and engage with your followers on a daily basis.

Ok, I’m in. So what do I do?

Excellent. Now that you’re out there, it’s time to start letting people know that they should follow your profile. Just stick with my personal CCM rule: Content, Communication, Marketing.


First of all, you need to provide your fans and followers (of whom you need to think as potential clients) with quality content that brings some added value to them. Like I already mentioned above, post about the local real estate market, maybe incorporate some useful tips for home owners or property maintenance professionals. Once they get used to getting some valuable information from you, they will keep coming back for more.

Just keep the 20/80 rule in mind. 80% of the content should not be sales-related. This are the extra information you offer your prospects as a bonus. The other 20% are there for your listings and direct promotions.


Check your profile daily, reply to people’s questions and comments, appreciate their activity on your social profiles. Post contests, questions, ask about their opinions. And keep replying. Aside from increasing the chances of getting new leads, you will also create an aura of trustworthiness and reliability. Gaining your clients’ trust should be a number one priority of every real estate agent, because mutual trust is an excellent foundation for doing great business.


You can create paid ads and promote your posts on social media. This gives you a great opportunity to target people of certain sex, age, location and interests for specific listings or for your other posted content. There are some easy solutions with step-by-step instructions. Just take a look at Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, or Pinterest Ads.

What are the results?

Utilizing all the social media to your advantage will help you reach a larger amount of potential clients, it will give you access to engagement with people you’d otherwise never meet, and you’ll get valuable new space to advertise your business and gain new leads. Of course, all these things cost their fair share of time and money. But if you grab the chance and become better at building up your online social presence than your competitors, the initial investment will pay off in no time.

So what are you still waiting for? Go set up a Facebook page, create a Twitter handle and go set up some relevant boards on Pinterest. And get your business growing!

Are you using your social media to boost up your leads? Do you think it’s an effective tool or a waste of time? Let me know what you think!