A binder labeled top secretOK. Maybe it’s not actually secret. In fact, it’s kind of the opposite of secret — it’s public. But, it’s not nearly as well known as it should be, and it’s a huge resource for real estate professionals in the PNW.

The Portland State School of Business Administration: Center for Real Estate “Center for Real Estate Quarterly“.

As the title indicates, it’s a quarterly publication, and it’s been published every quarter since January, 2007. Generally speaking, the periodical runs from 50 to 100 pages (they were a little shorter at the beginning, but seem to have settled into this range), and has something for everyone. In fact, if you’re a professional looking for real estate resources, there’s no question in my mind that this should be on your list.

The publication covers both commercial and residential real estate, and covers both broadly. For commercial, it hits industrial, retail, and office space separately; and for residential, it addresses single-family and multi-family. Since the August, 2013, edition it seems to have settled on a fairly standard format that includes those five sections, plus a general overview on the state of the economy. Additionally, most issues include a special section. The most recent entries, by way of example, include

Of course, as those special sections attest, and unsurprisingly (given the source), it’s more Oregon focused than PacNW focused, and more Portland focused than Oregon focused. Nevertheless, it’s a great tool for everyone in the industry looking at this region. I strongly encourage you to browse through the sections of the last few issues that seem most relevant to your specialty. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.