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Take Out Loans / End Loan Financing

end loan financing and take out loans portland and vancouverIf you are having a home built by a “production builder” (large builders that build on speculation or specs are good examples), they have their own financing for the construction. You will still, however, need to have a full credit underwrite and approval for the loan that pays off the construction loan when you buy the home at completion.

Builders want a full credit file underwrite so they know that the home they build for you will close. This protects them from a “sale fail,” so they will not be stuck with a home that is tailored to you specifically. The other piece is that sometimes the builder will want to steer you to their lender – under no circumstances are you required to use their lender. Quite often they will have packages that look attractive, but when analyzed actually cost you money in the short and long term. Always review the info with another lender to make sure there are no veiled costs to you.

These take out home loans can be any of the following: Conforming, FHA, USDA, Jumbo or Portfolio. The home loan type that you chose should be based on sound decision making so you know you have the best loan for your situation.

Extended Rate Locks

You can lock the loan rate up to 365 days so you can be assured of a reasonable rate at the time of closing. Most extended locks also have a free float down associated with them for your benefit. They may also have a lock fee to secure the money on the open market and hold it for you. This is called the extended lock fee. It is not part of your closing costs, but a fee directly to the bank for the cost of carrying the funds for closing for you during your lock period. Lock fees vary by length of lock and type of lock as well. Theresa Springer can show you the differences so you can make a clear decision as to which type of extended lock you may want for your loan.

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