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luxuryhome1In today’s market it is essential to sit down with your reputable Senior Loan Officer, and go through a full credit review. This ensures that you do qualify without question for the home price you are pursuing. This process is not instantaneous but gives you definite peace of mind knowing that you’re shopping within your means. Your Realtor will be pleased and also will have much more negotiating power since you have a bank pre-qualification not just a mortgage originators best guess.

Once pre-qualifying for a mortgage is in place a letter is prepared that you and your Realtor can use to submit with your purchase agreement to the seller. This will document to the seller your seriousness about purchasing and give them the confidence in your ability to buy their home. Many Realtors will not even show homes unless you have been through the process to make sure you are a viable purchase candidate. Sellers may not accept your offer without the letter as well.

Another benefit is that you will have a better understanding of the amount of cash you may need to bring to closing.

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"Working with Theresa is like finding the key to a dream home. She educated and walked us through every step of our remodel. Without her we would have sold our house and missed out on the beautiful home it is today. Thanks Theresa!" -- Amy & Paul W.

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