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Sometimes, if the interest rate drops enough or you are paying off credit cards and autos, you look at both options. You should always write out some goals for the refinance. List what are you trying to accomplish and prioritize them. Lenders use a term of “Net Tangible Benefit” to be sure you are gaining financially in some way from the refinance. Don’t over borrow but don’t under borrow either. In the Payment Calculator you can enter different amounts of loans at the same interest rate and see how much it will change the payments.

Many consumers base their decision on the lower payment or the cash they are able to get. You should base your decision on whether or not the benefits outweigh the costs. This is a basic cost benefit analysis and Theresa Springer can help you with this to make sure the whole loan and outcome makes sense for your individual situation.

Another frequent question is, “Are the interest rates at the point I should refinance or should I wait for them to go lower?” If you are saving enough at the interest rate today to accomplish your goals or recover the costs in a reasonable time (see below), then do it. Timing the interest rate market is difficult. There is a common misconception that you need to save 2% – but this applied when consumers owed $30,000 to $40,000 on their homes. At the average home in the $150,000 range today, even a 1% savings may be worthwhile. If you are consolidating bills or paying off a second mortgage, the mortgage interest rate could even rise and save you money. Theresa will help you look at all the refinance options available, then you can choose what puts you in a better financial position now and into the future.

Some questions to ask about your refinance:

After reviewing this, call me and we can get together to go over your situation and see what makes sense for you.

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"We would like to attest to the professional services we received from Theresa Springer. She was able to obtain an home loan on our extremely complicated real estate transaction. Additionally, we were under a time constraint due to the numerous loan rules that challenge borrowers today. Theresa was able to work with us in a knowledgeable, efficient and detailed fashion. She was always responsive to our questions and needs, even after hours and on the weekends. We fully recommend Theresa to anyone seeking to obtain a mortgage." -- Ken and Kiri T., Brush Prairie

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