Well you know the economy is not doing really well when WalMart is laying off 11k employees. I have been saying all along that this will be a long and slow recovery due to the deleveraging that needs to happen. In the mean time, CASH is king still and preserving it will be the best option for financial stability (in my humble opinion). Many people are still leaving money on the table with their mortgages at higher rates than they need to be. The mortgage rates will end up much higher by the end of the year and probably start heading that way after the end of March when the Fed stops buying Mortgage Backed Securities. Things are improving – don’t get me wrong, it will just be a long recovery and we are not used to long recoveries.

On another note – I listened to a radio segment yesterday on The Hays Advantage (Bloomberg Radio) – Scott Patterson was on and he has authored a book that just came out called: “The Quants”, I have it on order from Amazon and it looks like a good overview of the hidden mechanisms of Wall Street. I will post more about as I digest it. Many new books are out on the financial catastrophe and the issues surrounding it, not all are that good and I am picky as to who occupies my reading time. But this book looks good and after hearing the author, I think it will be a good and entertaining read.

More to come – have a great evening!