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Pocket Listings — Dark Real Estate

You’ve heard of the Dark Web, and Dark Matter, but what about Dark Real Estate? Welcome to the world of pocket listings. It seems like something that should be rather unusual — something that would never occur to most of us. Normally, when you’re selling a property, you want as many people as possible to be aware ... MORE

3 Must-Have Real Estate Apps

  In my last post I talked about the 4 main factors changing our industry. Not surprisingly, technology is playing a major role in how we do business. If we want to stay competitive and ahead of the game, it’s crucial to continuously evolve and stay aware of new tech opportunities as they emerge. With ... MORE

4 Trends Driving Real Estate Tech

We all know that technology is changing the game in nearly every modern industry. There’s a constant battle to stay relevant, stay informed — stay in the game. However, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the tools of the real estate industry just haven’t quite evolved as much as those of other industries. ... MORE

The Future of Social Media in Real Estate

I presume that everyone reading this blog is familiar with social media. In fact, if you’re in the industry at all, social media is certainly part of your daily life. But since everyone is doing it, that implies that just being on social media is no longer sufficient — it’s table stakes. If you’re not ... MORE

Real Estate Visualization: Holograms, VR, 3D, Panoramic

Whether you’re an agent or an owner, when it comes to showcasing your properties, there are many real estate visualization options out there already, and as technology advances, there will continue to be more. Typically, to stay at the cutting edge of technology, you’re going to need some outside help, and when it comes to the cutting ... MORE

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