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What Makes You A Good Real Estate Agent?

When buyers and/or sellers are looking for a real estate agent, their main criterion is for the agent to be “good”. Of course. When we want someone to provide us with a service we’ll be paying a considerable amount of money for, we want them to be good, preferably even the best at what they ... MORE

Farming Land Values Going Through The Roof

Residential and commercial property values and rent prices are always a hot topic in the real estate industry, and not just in Washington. But unlike anywhere else, there’ve been some interesting developments going on in the Washington farming land real estate market. In June, the Farmers National Company released a list of land values, and to the ... MORE

Social Media: The Ultimate Hunting Ground for Leads

In last week’s article I talked about whether the threat of extinction of real estate agents as such is imminent or not. My final answer was no, but it was conditioned by several things, such as keeping up with the modern seller and buyer mindset. And for that, the first steps will inevitably lead us ... MORE

Are Real Estate Agents Going The Way of The Dinosaur?

What is it like to be a real estate agent? If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked this question! And what would my answer be? Being a real estate agent, as many of you would agree, is a constant challenge. The challenge of being better than your competitors. The challenge of overcoming ... MORE

Real Estate Visualization: Holograms, VR, 3D, Panoramic

Whether you’re an agent or an owner, when it comes to showcasing your properties, there are many real estate visualization options out there already, and as technology advances, there will continue to be more. Typically, to stay at the cutting edge of technology, you’re going to need some outside help, and when it comes to the cutting ... MORE

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