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The Home Ready Program

Theresa Springer Discusses the Home Ready Mortgage Program. MORE

Trended Credit

Theresa Springer Discusses Trended Credit and how it impacts your credit score. MORE

It’s Not All about The Interest Rate

As a past or a potential homebuyer, you’ve surely been tempted to choose your loan based on its interest rate. There’s no wonder in that — the biggest and brightest numbers in loan ads are the rate percentages. But is the interest rate really that interesting? It’s a common misconception that many borrowers still hold on ... MORE

A Good Mortgage Calculator – At Last

I know there are mortgage calculators everywhere. Just typing “mortgage calculator” into Google gives you hundreds of results, right? And they’re all providing clients from all over the globe with these handy gadgets that are supposed to help them finding a mortgage that’s tailored specially for them. In fact, I have a link to a ... MORE

Time to Look at Removing PMI

If you’re still paying PMI on your mortgage, now may be a great time to look at refinancing and fixing that. According to Moody’s Analytics, single-family home prices are now above their previous-decade peak in more than 40% of markets. Nationally, prices are still down about 12% overall, but averages aren’t really useful — you need to ... MORE

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