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CNBC Agrees – Fed Move Won’t Affect Mortgages

We reported yesterday on a blog post that the Federal Reserve put out, arguing their case that the rate hike shouldn’t have any impact on long-term, fixed rate mortgages. It turns out, they’re not the only ones who think that. CNBC wrote a similar piece last week. The main difference is, their article is a ... MORE

Fed Doesn’t Want Long-Term Mortgage Rates to Rise

The Fed doesn’t want long-term mortgage interest rates to rise. At least, that’s the conclusion we draw from a blog post they released, Monday. The post goes to great lengths to draw the conclusion that their recent rate hike shouldn’t affect long-term mortgage rates. To be sure, it will affect short term, adjustable rate mortgages, but their ... MORE

Fed Uncertainty Doesn’t Matter

Rumors have been flying fast-and-furious the last few months about when the Fed is finally going to raise interest rates. With the recent turmoil in global stock markets and China in particular, the future of Fed decisions is even more uncertain. But according to a Reuters poll, it probably doesn’t matter. The housing market is ... MORE

Thank China for Your Interest Rate

As this blog reported a few days ago, mortgage application rates were relatively flat in total, but underlying that data were some big swings that didn’t show up in the average. These changes are particularly surprising given the rate of home building starts and U.S. consumer confidence. The current thinking from the Mortgage Bankers Association ... MORE

Price vs. Debt: An Anomaly

There’s a curiosity happening in the current mortgage market. More people are buying more homes, and they’re buying them at higher prices. However, the total amount of outstanding mortgage debt amongst U.S. homeowners is actually flat, or even marginally down. Perhaps this is related to the experience we described the other day on this blog, ... MORE

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