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Chinese Investment – In or Out?

There was a while there where covering mortgage rates got (depending on your perspective) highly entertaining or highly nerve-wracking, as the news flip-flopped every day. Well, mortgage rates and the housing market all seem reasonably stable at the moment, but one of the big factors driving home prices has been foreign investment. Now it’s time ... MORE

Google Compare – Another Toe into Mortgage Shopping for Google

We reported earlier this year when Google added a mortgage calculator to organic search results. This week, they’ve taken another step forward. Google Compare now provides “[a] real-time, apples-to-apples comparison of rate quotes”. Of course, there’s a lot more to a mortgage than just the rate quote, and talking to a broker is still key, ... MORE

The Hidden Factor in Home Prices: Zoning

Of course, everyone knows that property has different value in different markets. And everyone knows that the cost of labor is different in different markets, so the cost of building houses can vary. But it turns out that, far more important than the cost of labor, local zoning can have a huge impact on housing ... MORE

Mortgage Recovery by Race Not All Bad News

As we reported Friday, it is true that at least statistically it is harder for blacks and hispanics to get mortgages than it is for whites and asians. However, while the news isn’t necessarily good, it’s not completely dire, either. At least we can say that the picture is improving. Conventional loans for blacks, for ... MORE

Freddie Mac reports $475 million net loss

Freddie Mac reported a $475 million net loss for Q3  That net loss is actually based on a $4.2 billion gross loss on derivative investments. What’s a little weird about this is that the derivative investments were a hedge against interest rate fluctuations. But of course, interest rate fluctuations are in large part controlled by the ... MORE

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