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Into the Breach – The Equifax Hack

Everyone has already heard about the Equifax breach from May 2017-July 2017.   The news makes it sound like not ALL adults in the US have been affected, well this is simply wrong.  If you have ever had a credit profile, you are at risk.  Even if you are cash based now.  The credit bureaus hang ... MORE

Theresa Springer Named to 2015 Circle of Excellence

Eagle Home Mortgage named Theresa Springer to the 2015 Circle of Excellence, as one of its top performers. The award is given to Loan Officers and other mortgage professionals for superior performance in client service, loan production and overall excellence. “This is a great honor and I’m excited about receiving it,” Springer said, “because it speaks volumes ... MORE

Looking Into The Crystal Ball

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I generally scoff at predictions. Few people are as accurate as Cassandra. Still, with the proper use of data, some predictions can be better than others. Mitch Lipka recently interviewed Svenja Gudell, the new Chief Economist at Zillow. There are no deep, earth-shattering predictions, but ... MORE

European Securities and Markets Authority to Loosen Derivatives Restrictions

In a fairly obscure piece of mortgage related news, the EU’s European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has proposed relaxing their current two-day liquidation period, at least when dealing with U.S. mortgage-backed securities (the U.S. has a one-day period). The change of one day may seem particularly obtuse to those not immersed in banking lore, but it ... MORE

Why We’re Seeing So Many Jumbo Loans

For some context, in 2009 jumbo loans accounted for 5.5% of the market. Contrast that with this year, through September, where they’re accounting for almost 19% of the market — the highest level since 2006 (though still not quite to the peak of 2000). Why the difference? The answer is simple. A conforming loan is ... MORE

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