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Guest Blog: Asbestos in Your Dream Home

by Bob Strong, RAS Environmental Testing Services You’ve finally found your dream home and all that stands between you and the closing is a few successful inspections. Your home inspection will report back to you on the condition of everything from the roof down to the crawlspace, including plumbing, electrical, and appliances. Being concerned about indoor air quality, you ... MORE

A Good Mortgage Calculator – At Last

I know there are mortgage calculators everywhere. Just typing “mortgage calculator” into Google gives you hundreds of results, right? And they’re all providing clients from all over the globe with these handy gadgets that are supposed to help them finding a mortgage that’s tailored specially for them. In fact, I have a link to a ... MORE

Household Things To Do in January

As Winter finally begins to settle in, and as the holidays wind down, it’s easy to settle into the daily routine — get the kids ready, go to work, go to the gym, buy groceries, make dinner, sleep, repeat. Not much different here on January 6th than it was on December 6th. Don’t let that ... MORE

Happy New Year 2016!

As 2015 draws to a close, hour by hour, I find myself looking back on 2015. To be sure, it’s been a year where tragedy and bad news has prevailed more than most. But there were also plenty of good, positive, inspiring news stories this year, and as we head into 2016, I think it’s ... MORE

Environmental Hazards – Is Your Home at Risk?

There is a very long list of things that one must consider when buying or building a house. Now, there’s one more to add to the list: man-made hazard risk. This is only the second year it’s been conducted, but RealtyTrac just released  it’s annual Manmade Environmental Hazards Housing Risk Report — and a shocking 38% of ... MORE

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