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Possible Impacts of The Election on The Mortgage Industry

As the upcoming presidential election is a burning issue in our everyday lives, I can’t avoid touching it in my blog as well. The loudest issues we hear about are immigration, healthcare and taxes. But there are many other important points that may not be so visible, and that will considerably affect our life, and often ... MORE

A Good Mortgage Calculator – At Last

I know there are mortgage calculators everywhere. Just typing “mortgage calculator” into Google gives you hundreds of results, right? And they’re all providing clients from all over the globe with these handy gadgets that are supposed to help them finding a mortgage that’s tailored specially for them. In fact, I have a link to a ... MORE

New Construction Tax

1% Off All Building Budgets To Help The Needy? On the June 29th, The Portland City Council approved a new 1% construction excise tax on private and commercial property construction. There has been quite the commotion around this new construction tax in its discussion and review phase, and it’s truly no wonder: homelessness and high costs ... MORE

Real Estate and Mortgage Opportunities in 2nd Tier City Migration

City migration — reversing the trends of the last half of the 20th Century, where people moved from cities out to the suburbs — have been the hallmark of the Their Millennium. Cities in the United States have shown a huge resurgence in growth, with urban populations growing at 12.1% in the first decade, compared ... MORE

USDA Rural Development Running Out of Funds

USDA has announced that they anticipate funding for the guarantee program will be exhausted by the end of April. USDA will not be issuing conditional loan funding commitments with the “subject to receipt of appropriated funds.” – this is very different from the past. Lenders have always been able to issue conditional commitments for loans ... MORE

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