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Land Rush: A Flood of Foreign Investors in The US

It is a long-lasting historical trend that investors from all over the world come to the US with the intention to invest in local real estate, be it for residential or business purposes. In fact, buying property in the States has been a question of fashion and status ever since the 19th century, followed by ... MORE

Farming Land Values Going Through The Roof

Residential and commercial property values and rent prices are always a hot topic in the real estate industry, and not just in Washington. But unlike anywhere else, there’ve been some interesting developments going on in the Washington farming land real estate market. In June, the Farmers National Company released a list of land values, and to the ... MORE

New Construction Tax

1% Off All Building Budgets To Help The Needy? On the June 29th, The Portland City Council approved a new 1% construction excise tax on private and commercial property construction. There has been quite the commotion around this new construction tax in its discussion and review phase, and it’s truly no wonder: homelessness and high costs ... MORE

Portland Real Estate: Economics Says “All Systems, Go!”

2015 was an excellent year for the real estate market in Portland. Usually, after such a great year we tend to hold our breath waiting to see what the next year will bring, typically expecting things to slow down. So far, we have yet to see any sign of a slow down. With a stable ... MORE

Good Everywhere, Great in The Pacific Northwest: A Contrarian Housing Prices View

I’ve recently written about the fact that, even though last year was good for housing prices, all signs are still positive for the rest of this year. There’s good reason to believe that we’ll see housing prices increase in Portland, and both agricultural and second-tier city real estate represent big opportunities. But all of that ... MORE

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