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Land Rush: A Flood of Foreign Investors in The US

It is a long-lasting historical trend that investors from all over the world come to the US with the intention to invest in local real estate, be it for residential or business purposes. In fact, buying property in the States has been a question of fashion and status ever since the 19th century, followed by ... MORE

Portland Real Estate: Economics Says “All Systems, Go!”

2015 was an excellent year for the real estate market in Portland. Usually, after such a great year we tend to hold our breath waiting to see what the next year will bring, typically expecting things to slow down. So far, we have yet to see any sign of a slow down. With a stable ... MORE

Portland Home Prices Likely to Continue Upward

There are many factors that go into local housing markets, and predicting the future is almost always a losing proposition. Nevertheless, there’s strong reason to believe that Portland home prices will continue moving upwards for the foreseeable future. At this point, everyone is familiar with the housing story in San Francisco. Not only did it quickly ... MORE

Green Realty — Tips for The Real Estate Industry

When it comes to “green” practices, it’s a surprise to absolutely no one that the West Coast in general, and the Pacific Northwest in particular, are leaders. When it comes to green realty, studies have long shown that buyers in our region of the world are willing to pay a premium for ecologically friendly homes. ... MORE

Does U.S. Housing Have An Affordability Problem?

Over the past year, it’s become quite clear that the U.S. housing market has recovered. However, does it really feel like the economy as a whole has? For most of us, probably not, and that’s largely because it hasn’t. Unemployment is down, but that’s because of the funny way the U.S. measures unemployment — there ... MORE

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