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The Home Ready Program

Theresa Springer Discusses the Home Ready Mortgage Program. MORE

A Good Mortgage Calculator – At Last

I know there are mortgage calculators everywhere. Just typing “mortgage calculator” into Google gives you hundreds of results, right? And they’re all providing clients from all over the globe with these handy gadgets that are supposed to help them finding a mortgage that’s tailored specially for them. In fact, I have a link to a ... MORE

A Good Time to Look at Investment Properties?

There are many reasons to think that the market for investment properties is still in great shape; that it can easily withstand the next year’s worth of rate hikes. And the next few months are still likely a great time to buy, seasonally, even if the weather isn’t particularly wintery this year. But if you’re ... MORE

The Other Side of The Winter Home Market

A couple of days ago, we shared the insights of one home buyer who extolled the virtues of shopping for a home in the depths of the winter home market. But it isn’t all just about the buyer. U.S. News & World Report wrote about the advantages of selling in the winter from an investor’s perspective. Some ... MORE

Tips for Homebuyers During the Holidays

Shopping for a house in the middle of winter isn’t for everyone — and neither is selling a house in the middle of winter. And that’s exactly why, if done correctly, this can be the perfect time to buy. Holden Lewis describes his lessons-learned from starting shopping for a home in December, in Toledo, Ohio. Of course, ... MORE

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