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Into the Breach – The Equifax Hack

Everyone has already heard about the Equifax breach from May 2017-July 2017.   The news makes it sound like not ALL adults in the US have been affected, well this is simply wrong.  If you have ever had a credit profile, you are at risk.  Even if you are cash based now.  The credit bureaus hang ... MORE

The Home Ready Program

Theresa Springer Discusses the Home Ready Mortgage Program. MORE

Trended Credit

Theresa Springer Discusses Trended Credit and how it impacts your credit score. MORE

Guest Blog: Asbestos in Your Dream Home

by Bob Strong, RAS Environmental Testing Services You’ve finally found your dream home and all that stands between you and the closing is a few successful inspections. Your home inspection will report back to you on the condition of everything from the roof down to the crawlspace, including plumbing, electrical, and appliances. Being concerned about indoor air quality, you ... MORE

What Makes You A Good Real Estate Agent?

When buyers and/or sellers are looking for a real estate agent, their main criterion is for the agent to be “good”. Of course. When we want someone to provide us with a service we’ll be paying a considerable amount of money for, we want them to be good, preferably even the best at what they ... MORE

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