Recent reports of weakening conditions in the job market, manufacturing, and retail have analysts warning of the effects a double-dip recession would have on the housing market. Moody’s Investors Service says the odds of the economy slipping back into recession have increased from one-in-five this spring to one-in-four. According to their analysts, if the economy were to falter, housing prices would fall another 20 percent before stabilizing in 2012. Capital Economics has also forecast tough times ahead. Their U.S. Housing Market Monthly Report says that home sales and prices have not yet hit their bottom. With inventory up and no real improvement in the job market, financial services technology provider, Fiserve, believes home values will continue to fall in the year to come, despite recent gains. David Stiff, Fiserve’s chief economist, sees many years of up-and-down prices as buyers and sellers try to find price levels that clear out the excess inventory. Fiserve expects prices to fall another 4.9 percent over the next year.