It can be hard work and quite costly to replace broken or outdated appliances. One way you can cut down costs on a bathroom remodel is to refinish or line your old bathtub rather than spending thousands on a new tub. Both of these options can make the tub’s lifespan considerably longer while giving it an updated look. Tub liners are a mold of your old tub that slide over and fit to the existing tub to create a new shell. You will need to replace faucets for best results, and the seams will need caulking. Refinishing a tub is a little more difficult as it requires extreme caution. Chemicals used to refinish a tub are dangerous if you come into direct contact with them. There are many steps to the refinishing process, and you may want to consider hiring a professional. In most circumstances, you will still save more money than if you were to buy a new tub. More here