real estate apps: image of the home screen of a smartphone, filled with apps


In my last post I talked about the 4 main factors changing our industry. Not surprisingly, technology is playing a major role in how we do business. If we want to stay competitive and ahead of the game, it’s crucial to continuously evolve and stay aware of new tech opportunities as they emerge. With so much technology literally at our fingertips, some say our jobs are easier than ever before and they’re right — to an extent. Those shiny new apps will do no good (and could actually do the opposite) if you don’t take the time to learn how to use and best integrate them into your own business. Tools today are revolutionizing every aspect of our industry — from closing deals, to organizing client meetings, even open houses.

As promised in my last post, here are some of the latest software and mobile apps to hit the market —and how to use them to increase your success!

HelloSign: ask anyone in the industry — from LOs to agents — what their least favorite aspect of the job is, and 9/10 will immediately say “PAPERWORK!”. Of course, this tool won’t get rid of ALL of the paperwork (sorry!) but it does promise to make it much more painless, both for you and your clients. A win/win! As an added bonus, clients can sign electronically using software that they and you are likely already familiar with such as Gmail and GoogleDocs. It may not be viable for every situation. Sadly, sometimes we still need real, in-person signatures; but it certainly can help.

MileIQ: maybe the second least favorite aspect of the job? Taxes. Especially for those roadrunners who spend the bulk of their time driving from property to property. This practical app will automatically calculate your mileage, plus it can separate your business trips from your personal trips. The best part? When you’re ready, all you have to do at tax time is print out the mileage expense report and you’re good to go. Your accountant will thank you.

EasilyDo: personal assistants. What a dream — and a very expensive, out-of-the-question dream for many of us. Not anymore! EasilyDo is here to provide you with all of the benefits of a “real” assistant, without the high cost. Sync all of your digital accounts and calendars and the app will do the rest, organizing everything so that you never have to worry about missing another showing (or birthday party!) ever again.

We know that being organized and efficient are both keys to success in our industry. With these apps, you can maximize your efficiency, minimize your paperwork, and grow your success like never before. This is of course just a small sampling of whats available now, with new tools being developed every day. Which ones are you using? Was it love at first swipe? I would love to hear about your experiences with our industry’s expanding array of tech tools!